DateNamePlease describe your requestType of requestLocationStatus
May 15, 2023Grandview Kids Marika BeaumontIn Suite 201 East Wing there appears to have been a leak at the window in the room we have labelled at 2 - there is bubbling and peeling paint/drywall. We have had a kiddo try to peel it further and eat the drywall. Not urgent but not lowest priorityLeaks WindowsSuite 201 - East Wing,Open
April 4, 2023Bowmanville Smiles KaseyHi...can someone please fix the breaker in the control panel please. Thank youElectricalsuite 1100Closed
February 15, 2023Bowmanville Smiles KaseyCan the breaker in the hall please be flipped for's popped again. ThanksElectricalsuite 1100Closed
February 9, 2023Jennifer WestlakeOne of our clients left our only washroom key in the hallway washroom. Could somebody possibly unlock the stall and retrieve it for us!?! Thank youRestroomRestroomClosed